Sadly To Report, The Amazing, Legendary, Actor and Comedian, John Witherspoon Has Died at Age 77!

"John Witherspoon Was a Comedic Genius Who Would Make You Laugh.... Without Talking!" Rest In Peace Angel. - Wendy Wheaton. (Photo Credit: Taken 3 months ago at Kamala Harris' Fundraiser, at John Witherspoon's home In Los Angeles, CA. With his wife Angela, Ola Ray, Jackee Harry, and Wendy Wheaton. ______________________________ Family Members and Fans... Continue Reading →

Tyler Perry Studios In Atlanta, GA Is Open For Business! Top Celebs Hit The Red Carpet!

From Homelessness, To a 330 Acre, Full-Fledged, Filming Studio, Rivaling That of Hollywood’s Warner Brothers Studios and Others, Tyler Perry Has Done The Unbelievable, In Acquiring The Former (Confederate Land, Run By Slaves), McPherson Military Base, In Atlanta, Georgia, and Turning Into a Power House To Be Reckoned With. TYLER PERRY AND OPRAH WINFREY –... Continue Reading →

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