Celebrity Manager Wendy Wheaton Hosts party and humanitarian award for client, The Prince of India, Manvendra Singh Gohil at Emerson College, Los Angeles!


Prince Manvendra receives humanitarian Award – by AHF/Impulse at Emerson LA

Excerpts by: Daryl Paranada


Prince Manvendra Singh Gohil, the world’s first openly gay prince, was honored with a Humanitarian award, presented by Aids Health Care Foundation, and Impulse United -who he serves as an Ambassador in India for.

Hug Wendy and PMV & Marilyn TeresaAlumna Wendy Wheaton & Prince Manvendra. Photo/Daryl Paranada

– Wendy & Marilyn Look-A-Like/Tommy Red Photography ©

The event was executive produced by Emerson alumna Wendy Wheaton , and featured an array of entertainment, including a deejay, photo booth, Marilyn Monroe impersonator, and performances by So You Think You Can Dance contestant Asaf Goren and other dancers. Wheaton, founder of Tinseltown Productions & Management with partner Tommy Phipps, first met the prince when she traveled to India in 2014, around the time of Gohil’s birthday.

“Their idea of how they would celebrate was very mellow, sitting on a floor, tranquil. I promised him I was going to throw him a party and show him how we celebrate in Hollywood. This is how it all came about,” said Wheaton, who is working on a television documentary and several reality shows that she is in major talks with Networks.

The theme for the night was “The Freedom to be who you are,” TM a concept created by Wheaton which encourages people to be themselves.

People at Party - Food Table Wide Shot Attendees mingle at an event honoring Prince Manvendra. Photo/Daryl Paranada

“The one word of essence that describes Prince Manvendra is humble. That’s what I think has drawn me to him,” said Wheaton. “It’s been incredible seeing everything come together and to have my alma mater host this amazing event honoring someone who is such an incredible activist, philanthropist, and human being.”


Security Detail Team On Duty & On Point

Prince Address Crowd Photo & Gift Bags

Prince Manvendra addresses the crowd after receiving an award honoring his humanitarian efforts. Photo/Daryl Paranada






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